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  1. Special section in “Energy and Fuels”

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    A special section of the journal of “Energy and Fuels” will be published under the guest editorship of Christoph Pfeifer.

    This special section will be devoted to the topics of Biogas Science 2014. Short-listed authors will be informed of pre-selection in the coming weeks.

    Energy & Fuels publishes technical research articles focusing on the intersection of chemistry, chemical engineering, and the applications of non-nuclear energy and fuels. This includes research on the formation, exploration, and production of fossil fuels and biomass; the properties, structure, and/or molecular composition of raw fuels and refined products; the chemistry involved in processing and utilising fuels, fuel cells and their applications, as well as the analytics and techniques used to investigate these topics.

    Papers submitted for this special section will undergo the journal reviewing process. The journal’s submission fee applies also on the chosen papers. Authors whose papers are accepted for presentation at the conference are encouraged to submit their papers to the JBF special section.