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  1. 288 experts at the conference Biogas Science 2014 in the Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

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    Three legends in the field of anaerobic technology (David Baxter, Arthur Wellinger and Willy Verstraete) opened the conference Biogas Science on the 27th of October. Their keynote lectures were breaking the ice to start dedicated discussions on research questions and recent results of the anaerobic technology.

    Six main topics of the conference (substrates for AD, gas technology, process technology, microbiology, life cycle assessment and data preparation) were introduced by important researchers in the field anaerobic technology. Over the three conference days, these topics were discussed by 288 participants within the beautiful surroundings of the Schönbrunn Palace Meetings & Events centre. Recent results and topics of research were presented in 103 scientific lectures and 93 scientific posters. Companies presented state-of-the-art technical equipment for biogas research in the company session and the company exhibition. The workshops captured the topics COST action (Network on ecological functions of trace metals in anaerobic biotechnologies), FABbiogas (biogas from the food and beverage industry) and biogas worldwide.

    The Welcome Reception and the Gala Dinner provided a platform for social exchange. On the last day of the conference there were two parallel tours to best-practice biogas plants in the Viennese surroundings.